Who Are We?

The Chopped & Served Story

Like most small businesses, Chopped & Served grew out of a lofty goal, grit and determination and the continued passion for bringing diverse cuisines and flavors to the Twin Cities. Imani Jackson, Executive Chef and CEO, grew up St Louis Park just west of Minneapolis metro area. Since middle school, she was always working various service jobs to support herself and her family. While having those jobs made her self sufficient and instilled a strong work ethic at a young age, Imani learned quickly that she did not have to keep working under other people: she could be her own boss. After years of developing culinary techniques and honing her skills, in 2017 Imani’s goal of owning and operating her own catering business became a reality. Living in the Twin Cities, traveling internationally and being connected to various multicultural communities, Imani grew to understand how food shapes all our lives. It lets us celebrate our stories, our families, our memories, and makes us feel like we belong. At Chopped & Served, we understand the potential of a tasty, shared meal to bring people together. Spread the love while we spread the table!

A Vision for Minnesota

At Chopped & Served we pride ourselves on providing the best meals for your gatherings today, while always maintaining an eye on the future. Our growth will only come from the support of our community. Our ultimate goal is to change the way Minnesotans think about chefs, food and sharing meals. With that it mind, the Chopped & Served vision is to create a positive work environment and employment opportunities for young people from underserved communities. Through mentorship and skill development we hope to create opportunities that will lead them to future success in post-secondary education. We believe that Minneapolis has the potential to be one of the best cities to explore all different types of food, which is only strengthened by our chefs. That’s why at Chopped & Served we have dreams of running our own kitchen so that our chefs can develop good relationships and excellent culinary skills through pop-up events, cook offs and community outreach programs to bring healthy, fresh and tasty food to everyone!

How the food gets to you.

For Delievery

To make sure the food stays as fresh as possible we will deliver it to you for a small delivery fee!

or Pick Up

Can you pick it up yourself? Great, thats an option too!